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Friday, November 02, 2007

Games as Art : The Aesthetics of Play (Intermedia, Fluxus, Virtual Reality)

Games as Art : The Aesthetics of Play

Games as Art : The Aesthetics of Play
Celia PearceVisible Language; 2006; 40, 1; Academic Research Library

Chair : Hyunkyoung Cho
Pannel : Moonsun Choi, Yonggeun Kim, Youngsun Choi, Cheeone

1. Intermedia

○ Integration of multimedia.
- not intended to conform to the pure medium. (sounds good, but it is not pure.)
- pure medidum is traditional media
- intermedia different from pure media

○ "environment"

○ Allan Kaprow " mediated on the relationship of the spectator and the work."

○ happening vs performance
- happening : just ready go, let's see
- performance : it has a scenario

○" flow"
○ Intermedia : Blending different artistic visual art, music, literature, urban planning, archterture and design
○ Free from materials and format
○ "Everyone is an artist"
- I think that everyone was born with instinct of an artist.

3. Open Source
○ open source VS commercial
- always commercial win!
- without competition, we don't produce anything.

○ patch
- small piece of software desingned to update
- fix problems with a computer program
- supooring data
- patch : for ready made thing

○ I think that patch is similar to 'surture.'

○ Air is free.
- Processing is free too.
- But Processing book is not free. (MIT Press selling this book in Amazon.com)

4. Appropriation : 전용 or 도용
○ Andy Worhol : He is a designer.
- commercial one -> paingting into the gallery
- making them synical, or making them funny

○ 아서 단토 : materiallity
- material, object, medium : they are not important.
- meaning of art is important.

(open source)
○ context ------------> context

5. Virtual Reality
(cf. musical score, game engine as an art score)

○ "player"
- connotations : a musical instrumentalist
a stage actor
a performer

○ Virtuosity ( a kind of technic)
- integral to the playing of both music and games.
- a fludity between play and music.
- everyone is an artist
: it is the instinct. roll, name.

○ Chance Operation
- computational game-based art is based on unpredictability of computers
- cause unforeseen result

6. The New Collectivism
○ 'elitism' (Nerds rule) : proud themselves

source: Kyungho,s Blog - Media Aesthetics (Kyungho Lim)

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