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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ken Friedman - 52 events..Fluxus

Only 25 uk pounds each for

52 Events

Friedman,Ken52 Events
Edinburgh, Show and Tell Editions

Ken Friedman's events are a classic example of the subtle, multivalent art form known as intermedia.
Friedman's projects began as "things without names, things that jumped over the boundaries between ideas and actions, between the manufacture of objects and books, between philosophy and literature."
This edition documents Ken Friedman's contribution to the early days of intermedia and conceptual art. The original Fluxus edition of Friedman's Events was planned in 1966 for publication in the spring of 1967. Edited and designed by George Maciunas, the 1967 Fluxus edition waited on a large-scale printing order that never materialized. While waiting for the Fluxus edition, Friedman began exhibiting his event scores and circulating them in small editions of various kinds.
In 1973, the University of California at Davis organized an exhibition exclusively composed of Friedman's events. This exhibition marked the first time that a Fluxus artist presented an exhibition comprised solely of text-based events. The exhibition toured the world in the 1970s, with editions of scores appearing in English and in translation. When the premature death of George Maciunas ended the Fluxus publishing program, Friedman continued to work with the event structure, adding to the corpus of events in a continuing series.
Show and Tell Editions of Edinburgh has gathered a selection of 52 events for a calendar diary for the year 2002. This 140 x 158 mm artist's book and diary was developed and designed by Paul Robertson. The book is comprised of 118 pages plus card wrappers and a dust jacket. The book includes 9 pages of detailed notes by the artist. These historically important notes by the youngest member of the classical Fluxus group shed fascinating light on the events and on Fluxus.


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