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Friday, December 05, 2008

Yoko Ono in Japan

Press Conference for "Dream Power Super Live" in Tokyo, Japan on 12/
Posted by: "mickeyono2005" mickeyono2005@yahoo.com mickeyono2005
Thu Dec 4, 2008 6:20 pm (PST)

Yoko Ono, who is in Japan now, attended the press conference
for "Dream Power John Lennon Super Live" with BONNIE PINK, singer,
at "imagine studio" by Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. in Yurakucho,
Tokyo, on December 2nd, '08.

"Dream Power John Lennon Super Live" will be held at Nippon Budokan,
Tokyo, Japan, with all-star Japanese musicians.on December 8th, '08,
the 28th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

The following news written in Japanese reports on the press
conference and the performance Yoko presented at the site. I
translated it from Japanese into English.


-- Translation from Japanese into English

Yoko Ono and BONNIE PINK spoke with fervor about the wish for peace

December 2nd, 2008

The press conference of the charity concert, "Dream Power John Lennon
Super Live", which will be held on December 8th, was held today on
December 2nd, '08.

Yoko Ono and BONNIE PINK attended the conference and spoke about the
results of the charities by the same concerts and their enthusiasm
about this year's concert.

At the beginning of the conference, Yoko Ono conveyed her
appreciation for the people who produced the concerts by
saying, "This concert is going to be the 8th anniversary this year,
thanks to the many Japanese rockers, staff and people who support
this. Thank you very much." Also, as to the reasons why she started
the concert, she pointed out three things: that she wanted to give
education which will be the treasure through the lives for children
in developing countries; that she wanted to convey to the world that
Japanese people are assisting developing countries through the
charity concerts like this on individual levels; and that she wanted
to give encouragement to Japanese children who believe "I cannot do

This year commemorates the 40th year since John and Yoko started
their first peace activity. As to the activities so far, Yoko, who
continued the peace activities even after John's passing, recalled
the road for many years by saying, "I came to realize that I had to
continue what both of us had done even after his passing and that I
had to offer the love I'd given to John to the world. And then, by
continuing the project, I realized that many people started giving me

In the meantime, BONNIE PINK, who will perform at the concert for the
third time this year, spoke of her enthusiasm with a smile, "I look
forward to this because this live concert gives me overwhelming
excitement every year. This live concert is a very happy concert
through which not only can you fully enjoy the songs by John, but
also you can help many new schools to be built by your
participation. I look forward to listening to the songs each
musician will sing. I will also sing the songs I chose with my heart
for this year."

At the end of the conference, an art performance by Yoko Ono was
presented. In this performance, Yoko displayed the fragments of an
urn broken into pieces and the photograph of its original shape. To
the press reporters, she asked for their cooperation by
saying, "Please send this message to those who will receive the
fragments: we will gather together at this place in 10 years and mend
the pieces back to one original shape."

In this performance, Yoko's message asks people who will receive each
fragment (piece) to think about "peace" until they get together in 10
years. The press conference ended by assuring the ideology of "Dream
Power", which is when people's dreams become one, they become a huge
power to change the world.


"Dream Power John Lennon Super Live" will be held at Nihon Budokan on
December 8th, the anniversary of death of John Lennon. In addition
to Yoko Ono and BONNIE PINK, Tamio Okuda, Kazuyoshi Saito, Salyu,
Tortoise Matsumoto, Fujifablic, Kazuya Yoshii, etc., will perform.


BONNIE PINK who comments (right) and Yoko Ono who looks at her


The fragments of a base which contain wishes.


Yoko Ono who displays a peace sign.




Mikihiko Hori

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