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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fluxus Blessings Performance

Today mail from Jon Hendricks (NY, USA) arrived. Litsa Spathi asked him on July 16th 2006 by mail to give his blessings on her marriage with Ruud Janssen that took place exactly a year before. The answer contained a written card and a historic Fluxus piece (details see entries below)

"Happy Lifetime" wishes from Jon & the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection. This is his reply to Litsa's question to send her his blessings on het Fluxus marriage of Fluxus Heidelberg.

A gift included in Jon's reply to us. An original sheet of stamps. These Fluxpost people confirmed Jon's blessings as well.

Litsa Spathi holds the envelope and the booklet made for Jon Hendricks. His address has been crossed out.

This is the centre of the booklet that Litsa made for Jon Hendricks. She asks him for a blessing for the Fluxus Marriage between Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen that was precicely one year ago when the booklet was made.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Variations on the Logo

variations video published on YourTube

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fish Performance (X3)

A Fluxus Performance by Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen.

Every Thuesday and Friday Litsa goes to the market and buys fish. We love eating fish. The Friday is a special day for fish. Lots of fish to choose from. For this performance she bought THREE Salmon-heads. To make the traditions Salmon-Soup.

(c) 2006 by Fluxus Heidelberg

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Koninck Performance in Antwerpen

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Variations on the logo

The logo for the Fluxus Heidelberg Center is made is a specific font. It is used to play with form and colours as well. All part of a digital performance.

variation logo - movement Posted by Picasa
variation logo 4 Posted by Picasa
variation logo 2 Posted by Picasa
variation logo 1 Posted by Picasa
variation logo 3 Posted by Picasa

Fluxus Heidelberg

The members of Fluxus Heidelberg are:

Litsa Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

The start of the Center

The Center itself was founded in July 2003 and is building up a large collection of Fluxus material. Both artists (Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen) are active in the Fluxus-world for years and are in contact with founders and active players at this movement. Their Fluxus-activities are a continuation of the early Fluxus-movement. They use the modern techniques in their performances and document their activities in digital and printed form. A large set of digital photos and digital Fluxus Poetry is published on this site. The modern life with its hectic situations form the playground for their performances.
start Posted by Picasa
Another logo Posted by Picasa
Logo Black & Blue Posted by Picasa


One of Litsa Spathi's drawings was the logo you see below. SChe made it in 2003. We transformed it into rubberstamps as well, so you might get to see the image in several colours.

Logo Black & White Posted by Picasa
Logo - Negative Posted by Picasa
Logo - Red Posted by Picasa

Cross Stamp

Design for Rubberstamp used by Fluxus Heidelberg Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


smile: It is Fluxus Heidelberg!

Masks were made for a performance in Heidelberg and Minden. The audience was asked to wear the masks.

Fluxus Performance for Winter

These photos are made of a Fluxus Performance that can only be done in the winter. On the last photo you see Litsa Spathi.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heidelberg - Germany

Fluxus Performance in Heidelberg, Germany. Posted by Picasa

Performance Art


(c) October 2003 by Fluxus Heidelberg.

Defining Performance Art

In the book Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present (ISBN 0-500-20214-1 issue 1999), the Author RoseLee Goldenberg writes to explain what Performance Art is in her eyes:
"Performance became accepted as a medium of artistic expression in its own right in the 1970s. At that time, conceptual art - which insisted on an art of ideas over product, and on an art that could not be bought and sold - was in its heydays and performance was often a demonstration, or an execution, of those ideas. Performance thus became the most tangible art form of the period."

Fluxus and Performance are highly connected. The more radical practitioners in Fluxus point out that what they do is Performance Art and not Performance. The difference is that in performance art the whole concept is thought out in advance, documented in advance, if needed invitations for the event are sent out, and only then it is performed. After the Performance the results are documented as well (texts, photos, videos, film). In Performance someone else has thought out a concept (like e.g. a theatre play), and the performers merely interpret the concept. Performance is a re-presentation as Performance Art is the creating of something new.

Performance Art by Fluxus Heidelberg

Fluxus Heidelberg consist of two persons: Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen. Since 1993 they are communicating with eachother. Only in July 1996 they met for the first time. In July 2003 the two decide to form Fluxus Heidelberg in which they will do Performance Art. They also found the Fluxus Heidelberg Center in which all aspects of their work in Fluxus and research will be documented. The Center is the basis for this site, it contains all books and documents connected to Fluxus that both artists have gathered over the years. It also is the center that publishes books and texts (electronically and hard-copies) and produces objectbooks, artifacts, etc.

On the site of Fluxus Heidelberg Center there is a special place where most performances by Fluxus Heidelberg are documented (see www.fluxusheidelberg.org/performances.html). The performances the artist-duo does is typical for the time they live in. They are the new generation of Fluxus Artists that uses and integrates the new electronic possibilities. The computer and the digital camera are in lots of their performances. Unlike the old-generation of Fluxus Artists, the results of performances are documented online immediately. Also Poetry becomes Fluxus Poetry because it is the result of a performance behind the computer (see www.fluxusheidelberg.org/pfinfo.html).

To quote the late Dick Higgins: "Fluxus has a life on it's own"

Minden - Germany (3)

Litsa Spathi & Ruud Janssen doing a fluxus Performance in Minden, Germany. Posted by Picasa

Minden - Germany (2)

Litsa Spathi doing a fluxus performance in Minden, Germany Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

Contact Details

New rubberstamp for the Fluxus Heidelberg Center with contact details.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Litsa Spathi receives Fluxus Book from Jon Hendricks

When Litsa Spathi sent Jon Hendricks a Fluxus Poem dedicated to him (see the booklet at:


and also a short video at:


he sent in return a letter that included a fluxus booklet (see below) and also included was this short note:

As reaction to this booklet by Jon Hendricks Litsa Spathi sent him the "Sonate of Emptiness" (visuals published on the fluxlist at folowing links:)

title & part 1

part 2 & 3


The Fluxus-book that Litsa Spathi received from Jon Hendricks. Detail view: the book opened.

(Note with this book: see above)

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