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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fluxus & Happening

archives and collections (by J. Seegers)

This is a list of public and private collections with records of Fluxus artists, holdings of original Fluxus works and objects by individual Fluxus artists. These collections also include Fluxus multiples edited, designed and published by George Maciunas; Something Else Press books and multiples edited, designed and published by Dick Higgins; along with multiples and books published by such Fluxus-related publishers as Edition Block, Edition Hundertmark, Vice Versand or Editions Conz.

Ken Friedman Papers, 1969-1978
Materials relating to Friedman's career, his art and his involvement in Fluxus and Fluxus West, including correspondence; exhibition announcements; bulletins; newsletters; clippings; card files of names and addresses; postcards; catalogs; press releases; journals; notes; comic strips; printed materials; material for "Annotated Bibliography on Zen Buddhism"; a cassette tape; manuscripts; writings about art projects; Fluxus mailing lists; examples of correspondence art, stamp art, and newspaper collages; receipts; photographs and slides; brochures; and artifacts.

Artpool, founded in Budapest in 1979 by György Galántai and Julia Klaniczay was an attempt to create an alternative art institute. Artpool was established at a time when art forms out of keeping with the official cultural policy were denied access to the public. Subsequent to the political changes of 1989, Artpool, which already had an international reputation, was officially recognized and in 1992 the Artpool Art Research Center opened to the public with funding from the Budapest Municipal Council. The collection of sources covers 300 meters. The archive and library house primarily documents relating to the Hungarian avant-garde art movements of the 70s and 80s, as well as sources on the new international art trends of the past 30 years: Fluxus, performance, sound poetry, visual poetry, artists' bookwork, mail art, artists' stamps, artists' postcards, artists' periodicals, copy art, computer art and video art. A sound, a video, and a slide archive are also available to researchers. [reading] Geza Perneczky, 'The Artpool Archives. The Story of a Hungarian Art Collection', in New Hungarian Quarterly (1989) 192-196.

Jean Brown Collection Jean Brown and her husband Leonard, were early collectors of Dada and surrealistic ephemera. When Leonard died in 1971 and Jean moved to Massachusetts, her collection grew rapidly. Upon exhausting Dada and Surrealist sources, Brown acquired materials from those movements, especially Fluxus, mail art and concrete poetry, which grew out of Dada and Surrealism. Many of these artists worked on the fringes of the established museum and gallery system and showed their work in alternative spaces or created alternative distribution systems. Brown maintained close friendships with many of the artists whose work she collected, including George Maciunas, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, Peter Frank, and Rimma and Valery Gerlovin, to name a few. Brown became a part of the international mail art network. Every major mail artist sent her examples of their work. Eventually, she found it impossible to keep up with the quantity of mail she was receiving and by the mid-1980s had stopped answering their letters. After her dead in 1994 the collection was acquired by the Getty Center for the arts and Humanities. See also the website of To & From Davi Det Hompson Correspondents.
[finding aid] Inventory of the Jean Brown Papers, 1815-1995 (Bulk 1916-1985) / prepared by Lynda Bunting (1997), in the Special Collections of the Getty.
[interview] Jean Brown, interviewed by Richard Ca´ndida Smith and documented in the Art History Oral Documentation Project (Oral History Programme, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Getty Centre for the History of Art and the Humanities, 1993).

Barbara and Peter Moore Fluxus Collection In July, 2005 the Harvard University Art Museums announced the acquisition of the Barbara and Peter Moore Fluxus Collection. The Moore Collection is a large and comprehensive group of works assembled by Barbara and Peter Moore, both of whom were involved with the Fluxus movement as close friends and sometime collaborators with artist George Maciunas, the movement's principal organizer. [source: Resource Library]. The Barbara and Peter Moore Fluxus Collection features a remarkable range of Fluxus editions and multiples dating from the movement's inception in the early 1960s through the late 1970s. The Moore Collection consists of 121 works, including pieces by Yoko Ono, Claes Oldenburg, George Brecht, and Christo, among many others, as well as early and rare examples of many key multiples, a number of unique and rare works, and prototypes or models for editions.

George Maciunas Memorial Collection The George Maciunas Memorial Collection was founded by Jan van der Marck, Director of Dartmouth College's Hopkins Center Art Museum and Galleries in 1978. A steering committee for the collection was established 'To honor George Maciunas and to bring together, as a tribute to this remarkable artist, a collection of works of art and documents to be held in trust at Dartmouth'. Members of the committee included many of Maciunas' friends such as Billie Maciunas, Jean Brown, John Cage, Jon Hendricks, Claes Oldenburg, and Nam June Paik. The collection consists of 479 works by Fluxus artists including Maciunas as well as many others.

Sammlung Siegfried Cremer (I) The Museum am Ostwall houses important collections related to Fluxus. In 1988 the museum acquired the collection Feelisch. In the early ninties the museum was able to add part of the the collection of Siegfried Cremer. [catalogue] Dieter Daniels und Barbara John (Hrsg.), Sammlung Cremer. Bestandskatalog (Stuttgart : Edition Cantz 1991-1994) 3 vols. Vol. III was published on the occasdion of the exhibition 'Sammlung Cremer - Schrift und Bild', Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund (1994). Sammlung Feelisch [catalogue] Sammlung Feelisch, Museum am Ostwall / Text, Layout und Konzeption Peter Schmieder; red. Mitarbeit, Alexander Braun, Rosemarie E. Pahlke (Museum am Ostwall : Dortmund 1993).

Sammlung Wolfgang Hahn
The collection Wolfgang Hahn (Cologne) is since 1978 housed at the Museum Moderner Kunst in Vienna. [exhibition catalogue] Kunst der letzten 30 Jahre. Sammlung Hahn (Museum Moderner Kunst : Wien 1979) 2 vols. [exhibition catalogue] Sammlung Hahn (Wallraff-Richartz Museum : Köln 1968).

Franklin Furnace Archive
The collection of the Franklin Furnace Archive, New York is housed at the Library of the Museum of Modern Art. The Franklin Furnace Archive was founded by Martha Wilson in 1976 as an archive of artist's books and an exhibition and performance space. Through 1994, programs included an archive of artists' books, periodicals, postcards, soundworks, manifestoes and broadsides; travelling shows of artists' books; historical and thematic exhibitions of published work by artists; and a reference library on various fields of avant-garde expression.
Following the sale of the archive to the MoMA Library in 1994, Franklin Furnace continued to operate as an alternative artists' space. The archive also includes secondary materials such as books, exhibition catalogues, ephemera, sound recordings, photographic portraits of artists, performance documentation, newsletters, and periodicals relating to the collection. In addition, the archive contains documentary materials generated by Franklin Furnace, such as exhibition planning records and correspondence, published checklists and catalogues, and records relating to acquisitions. [source:MoMA].

Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts
The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts Music Manuscript Collection was compiled by John Cage in the 1960s to support the projects of the Foundation. The collection consists of nearly four hundred manuscripts composed by 272 composers. The manuscripts can be viewed by appointment at the Northwestern University Music Library. [finding aid] Notations. Music Manuscript Collection.

[publication] John Cage (comp.), Notations (Something Else Press : New York 1969).

Fluxus Collection.

Archiv Hanns Sohm
"Das seit 1981 in der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart beheimatete Archiv Sohm ist keine »Kunstsammlung«, sondern eine umfassende Zeitdokumentation aus Korrespondenzen, Fotos, Büchern, Katalogen, Zeitschriften, Filmen, Videos, Aktionsrelikten und Objektkunst.
Hanns Sohm (1921-1999) konservierte durch das Aufheben von authentischen, nirgendwo sonst bewahrten Dokumenten jene heute oftmals als »Neo-Dada« bezeichnete Gegenkultur, die in den 1960er und 1970er-Jahren ihr weitestes Spektrum erlangte. Zeugnisse intermediärer Phänomene wie Beat-Szene, Happening, Fluxus, Wiener Aktionismus, Konkrete Poesie, die multimediale Produktion Dieter Roths, Zero, Undergroundliteratur und Künstlerbücher sind im Archiv ebenso einzusehen wie die über die Protestbewegungen Situationismus, Gruppe »Spur« und »Subversive Aktion« erfolgte Grenzüberschreitung der Kunst ins politische Handeln der »68er«." [exhibition catalogue] Thomas Kellein, "Fröhliche Wissenschaft". Das Archiv Sohm (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart : Stuttgart 1986). Published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Fröhliche Wissenschaft', November 22, 1986-January 11, 1987.

Sammlung Ursula und René Block
[catalogue] Samling, Sammlung, Collection Block ... [Cover title Hovedet gennem muren = Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand = Head through the wall] / udstillingens tilrettetæggelse og redaktion af katalog Elisabeth Delin Hansen, René Block (Copenhagen 1992; 2nd ed. Wiesbaden 1996).

Archive Collection David Mayor/Fluxshoe/Beau Geste Press
The David F. Mayor Archive Collection is housed at Tate Gallery Archives. This large archive comprises three distinct groups of material relating to three areas of David Mayor's life: Mayor's own papers, 1960-1989; the 'Fluxshoe' touring exhibition, 1968-1974 (which includes material by and about Fluxus artists, 1959-1989, and material by and about Shoe artists, 1961-1963); and the records of the Beau Geste Press, 1971-1983. The bulk of the archives were purchased from David Mayor in February 1981, with additional material donated by Mayor in March 1982 and again in May 1992.

Ken Friedman Collection 1964-1971
The bulk of the materials in the Ken Friedman Collection date from 1967 to 1970 -- for Friedman, a period of expansive production of Fluxus materials and a continuing commitment to Happenings/events, collaborations, and the Unitarian Universalist Church and its affiliate organizations of Free Religious Youth (FRY) and Liberal Religious Youth (LRY). The collection best documents graphic design of the period (with many examples from Friedman's Fluxus offset press), works of the Fluxus group and publications by Aktual. Numerous scenarios, musical compositions, prose and poetry works are also included. Another interesting facet of the collection are the works and correspondence by poet d.a. levy and New York Correspondence School founder Ray Johnson. The collection is housed at the Mandeville Special Collections Library, Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego [finding aid]The Register of Ken Friedman Collection 1964-1971 (Finding aid generated: 2006-07-27).

Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art
Serving as an interface among University of Iowa facilities (the Museum of Art, the University Libraries, and a number of academic units) Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts (ATCA) is committed to the collection and preservation of works and papers of contemporary artists and to the facilitation and dissemination of research related to the post-World War II avant-garde.
Individual ATCA Collections:
ATCA Artists' Works and Correspondence Collection [finding aid]
ATCA Periodicals and Zines Collection [finding aid]
ATCA Rubber Stamp Art Collection [finding aid]
ATCA Comics Collection [finding aid]
The Artists' Television Project
Artwords and Bookworks
Bergus Zine Collection
The CAYC Conceptual Art Collection
The Buster Cleveland Collection [finding aid]
The Steven Durland Correspondence Art Collection [finding aid]
The Albert M. Fine Collection [finding aid]
The Fluxus West Collection [finding aid]
The Ken Friedman Archive and Collection
The Dick Higgins Collection
The E.F. Higgins III Collections
The Alice Hutchins Collection [finding aid]
The Estera Milman Collection [finding aid]
The Lil Picard Papers [finding aid]
NC92 Networker Databank Congress
Artifacts of the Eternal Network [finding aid]

Sammlung Siegfried Cremer (II)
Since 1974 the collection Cremer was housed at the Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Münster. In 1991 Siegfried Cremer split up his collection: part was housed at the Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund and part went as Sammlung Stiftung Cremer to the Hamburger Kunsthalle. In 2004 the latter returned to the Landesmuseum Münster.

Sammlung Andersch
[catalogue] Fluxus aus der Sammlung Andersch / hrsg. vom Bielefelder Kunstverein in Zusammenarb. mit Erik Andersch, Andreas Beaugrand und Friedemann Malsch (Pendragon Verlag : Bielefeld 1992). Sammlung Ute und Michael Berger [exhibition catalogue] Ulrich Meyer-Husmann (Hrsg.), Multiples und Objekte aus der Sammlung Ute und Michael Berger (Museum Wiesbaden : Wiesbaden 1984). Published on the occasion of the exhibition in Wiesbaden, 7 February-12 August 1984. [exhibition catalogue] Ulrich Meyer-Husmann (Hrsg.), Zwischen Zeichnung und Video. Sammlung Ute und Michael Berger (Museum Wiesbaden : Wiesbaden 1985). Published for the exhibition held in Museum Wiesbaden, October 22-December 29, 1985. [reading] Niklas Jacobs, 'Kirchhoff/Berger zwei Wiesbadener Sammlungen', published on the site of Freunde der Kunst im Museum Wiesbaden eV.
Archivio Francesco Conz Vicolo Quadrelli 7 – 37129 Verona - Italy [interview] 'An Interview with Francesco Conz', in 22, No. 4 Umbrella (December 1999) 95-99.
Sammlung Klaus Groh

[interview] Judith H. Hoffberg, 'A Conversation with Klaus Groh', in Umbrella 20, No. 3/4 (October 1997) 108-109.
Emily Harvey Foundation
In 1982 Emily Harvey established Grommet Gallery on Broadway in SoHo with artists Christian Xatrec (her second husband) and Jean Dupuy. In 1984, she bought the gallery space (formerly George Maciunas's studio) and changed the name to Emily Harvey Gallery; she specialized in the work of Fluxus artists. Among the artists she showed were Maciunas, Geoff Hendricks, Eric Anderson, Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins, Charlotte Moorman, Ben Vautier, Daniel Spoerri, Ay-O, Emmett Williams, Carolee Schneemann, Lamonte Young and Nam June Paik. From her third husband, Venetian sculptor Angelo Colombo, she inherited a number of properties in Venice. She opened another gallery there, Archivio Emily Harvey, in 2001, and laid the groundwork for the Emily Harvey Foundation, which includes her archives and exhibition spaces, and provides residencies to artists and writers in Venice and New York. Harvey's personal collection and extensive library and archives, which include prime examples of books published by Dick Higgins under the Something Else Press imprint, will also become part of the foundation's assets. All materials and art works will be made available for research and for rotating exhibitions in the Venice and New York spaces.
Jonas Mekas Collection

[exhibition review] Jill Connor, 'Fluxus. To George With Love', in The Brooklyn Rail (October 2006). Review of the exhibition 'Fluxus : To George With Love. From the Personal Collection of Jonas Mekas', Maya Stendhal Gallery (February 16–April 15, 2006).
Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection Foundation
[collection catalogue] Jon Hendricks (ed.), Fluxus etc. The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection (Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum : Bloomfield Hills MI 1981).
[collection catalogue] Jon Hendricks (ed.), Fluxus, etc. Addenda 1. The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection / catalogue by Melanie Hedlund ... et al. (Ink & : New York 1983).
[collection catalogue] Jon Hendricks (ed.), Fluxus etc. Addenda II. The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection / catalogue by Melanie Hedlund, Jon Hendricks (Baxter Art Gallery : Pasadena 1983). Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Baxter Art Gallery, California Institute of Technology (September 28-October 30, 1983).
[catalogue] Jon Hendricks (comp.), Fluxus Codex. The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection, Detroit, Michigan (New York 1988).
Ellsworth Snyder Collection
Collected by concert pianist Ellsworth Snyder, who knew several of the artists personally, the collection consists of objects, posters, programs and all kinds of publications. The artists includes among others Christo, Beuys, Cage, Oldenburg and Yoko Ono, as well as the usual Fluxus suspects, George Brecht, Maciunas, Vostell, Robert Watts and Ben Vautier.
[exhibition catalogue] Fluxus Necessarius. The Ellsworth Snyder Collection of Fluxus Multiples and Ephemera (Roth Horowitz Anderson : Los Angeles 2002). Published to coincide with the 'Fluxus Necessarius' exhibition at Roth Horowitz Anderson Gallery, Los Angeles (February 14-March 30, 2002).

source: http://members.chello.nl/j.seegers1/flux_files/fluxus_archives.html

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